30 Best healthy meal delivery services 2024: Gousto to Allplants

For meals from brands with personalised plans and vitamin-rich organic ingredients, you’re looking at a lot more money…but you might be surprised by the relative affordability of some, particularly when you combine it with the time wealth you will be acquiring. Across the entire remit of options, you’re looking at a cost somewhere between £30 and £150 per week, depending on how many people you’re feeding.

What food delivery service is best for weight loss?

While there are some services that preach their own weight-managing benefits, all of the following healthy meal delivery services can help you lose weight because they are fundamentally rooted in healthy eating. “Weight loss,” Annie says, “mostly comes down to a calorie deficit across the day/week. But healthy weight loss that is sustainable and enjoyable must also take portion size and number of meals per day into account.”

“I’ve tried a handful of meal delivery companies for weight loss and particularly like Detox Kitchen and TYME as they provide multiple meals of a good size and variety — and are all also jam-packed full of fibre plus sufficient protein”

In essence, getting your miles in on the treadmill will certainly burn those calories, but it’s your diet that is key when you’re seeking a permanent weight loss solution. Experts like Annie recommend an 80:20 split in your eating lifestyle, prioritising a balanced diet over treats and cheats but never being too harsh about restrictions.

What is the best meal delivery service for a vegan?

Annie, herself a vegan, has tried several meal delivery services in order to be able to recommend them to her clients. At the top of her list of recommendations is Allplants, which, she says, “takes the convenience up a notch by making most of its meals frozen so you can batch buy and work through your freezer at your leisure. They have a huge menu of entirely plant-based cuisine which I recommend to many of my clients. They have an in-house nutritionist as well as chefs who together design nutritionally balanced meals, managing to tick off a variety of staples as well as more unusual dishes.”

“Lots of recipe box schemes and other prepped meal delivery services also have vegan options now too: I’ve just ordered a box of ready-to-heat meals from Planty, which has a great menu and are entirely plant based. Some others with vegan options that look delicious include Mindful Chef, Planthood, Scoff, Field Doctor, Gousto, and Riverford.”

What should I look out for when signing up for a healthy food delivery service?

The first thing to get your head around with healthy meal services is that there are many options and most do largely the same thing. While some are specialised to a certain diet or deliver a specific type of food, most do the same sorts of meals, have similar ingredients and will guide you to a healthier lifestyle where you actually enjoy cooking.

Therefore, we’d recommend you doing your research and simply going for the one that makes the most financial and gastronomical sense for you, because you could very easily get lost in the weeds here. To help you pick the best one for you, here’s our top guide of how to pick the best one.

  • Price: Obviously, the overall cost is a consideration before you get cracking. Most run on monthly subscription-based plans that will charge you per month for a set number of meals delivered – somewhere between two and four a week.
  • Frequency of deliveries: Again, this is down to how many meals you may want a week, but some services will only offer a few, so if you’re cooking for several people a week or you want more than just a few options, then make sure you sign up for one that will give you the flexibility.
  • Portion size and cooking instructions: We like to think we’re good chefs… but sometimes it doesn’t go to plan. Whether you’re still not quite sure how to measure out two portions of spaghetti or you’ve suffered through your fair share of over-cooked garlic, being guided through your kitchen experience is generally easier for everyone involved. Some models will send you exact details on how long to cook your meals, with advice on chopping, frying and general kitchen skills that will help elevate your overall experience.
  • Dietary requirements: One of the biggest tips we can give you is to make sure you get one that has the right offerings that fit your requirements. Options like allplants cater specifically to vegans, while other options will only really provide protein-heavy meat options in their meals, so your best bet is to pick through the lot and find one that will guarantee you won’t be accidentally eating something that will impact your requirements.

How we test healthy food delivery services

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. And so GQ has solemnly determined to eat its way through the healthy food delivery market in order to sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff. How did we do it? With empty stomachs, broad palettes and (for some of us) a newfound familiarity with our kitchens. Of course, taste is paramount when it comes to both the pre-prepared and cook-yourself meals we’ve tested here, but we’ve also been sure to consider convenience, complexity and the nutrition of these dishes as well. Ultimately, everything meal plan we’ve picked out below is about helping you to make healthier choices when it comes to lunch or dinnertime.

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