‘You did literally nothing’ slams Walmart shopper after food is covered in mold and customer blasts chain’s response

A FURIOUS shopper has taken to social media over claims that their Walmart tortillas were full of mold.

The X user has sent out multiple posts complaining to the retailer over what they’re describing as “hazardous” food.

A shopper took to X to post mold covered tortillas they claim were delivered from Walmart


A shopper took to X to post mold covered tortillas they claim were delivered from WalmartCredit: Twitter/Namssa741

The shopper posted a picture of their Walmart purchase which revealed blue and orange mold on a package of flour tortillas.

They wrote in the X post, “As promised Walmart Walmarthelp a post every day until you actually do something, literally anything except tell me thanks for my patience.”

The user added that they even sent the food to an independent lab for mold testing.

“Again because you did literally nothing. Sad to live like a coward 4 you,” the X user wrote.

In a thread, the user continued to air out their grievances.

They mentioned the Florida Department of Health and declared that they were, “still waiting on the store’s poison food ‘specialist.'”

The user also claimed they sent Walmart an email and numbers and are now moving towards a civil suit.

A previous post revealed that the tortillas arrived via Walmart delivery.


Walmart did not respond to the user’s post or their four prior posts with the same complaint which also pictured the mold-covered tortillas.

According to the retailer’s website, the store trains personal shoppers to, “understand food safety so that you get the freshest food.”

Walmart instructs users to go to: if they have an issue with a specific order.

They can then find the order in their order history, select “View Details” and choose either “Need Help,” “Start a Return,” or “Give Feedback.”

The U.S. Sun reached out to Walmart in a request for comment.


Other shoppers have shared similar stories of buying items that were rotten or spoiled quickly once they got home.

Aldi shoppers have slammed the store for selling food that spoiled within two days.

One customer reached out to Aldi via X to voice their frustration about a loaf of bread they bought that molded two days after they brought it home.

“I literally just bought this bread,” they wrote, accompanied by a picture of the loaf in the wrapper with a large patch of blue mold on it.

Aldi apologized and said the food “didn’t look appetizing” before telling the shopper they could return the bread for a full refund and a replacement as part of the Twice As Nice guarantee.

But the shopper wasn’t having it.

“You’re right, it doesn’t look appetizing. The bigger issue though is that the bread that I paid nearly $3/loaf for was so short-dated that it molded within 2 days of me purchasing it. Also, I live in a rural area. My ‘local’ Aldi is a 38 minute drive,” the customer said.

Aldi responded by ensuring the customer there was no set window of time they needed to make a return in.

Trader Joe’s customers are excited to try this new cooking item that’s usually really expensive.

Plus, Albertson’s is closing two grocery stores in the same state and one of the stores is having a massive sale.


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